Presentations by Neil Crane
Vice President of Product & Technology
Cicero Inc.

Plus thought leaders from Genesys, ServiceNow and SurveyMonkey

Frost & Sullivan is excited to announce the fourth installment of our ongoing live webinar presentations: Webinar Week: Customer Engagement. Themed From Crisis to Opportunity: Reimagining the Customer Experience, these complimentary sessions will focus on the evolving customer experience and changes shaped by technology, the ongoing pandemic, and today’s evolving and empowered customers. These timely webinars will be moderated by Roberta Gamble, Partner and Vice President, Frost & Sullivan and Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. All will provide tools and insights to help you transition to the new normal, and even re-imagine the customer experience if necessary.

From August 17th to August 20th at 11am EDT, industry thought leaders will share new practices and lessons learned building a better customer experience and increasing customer engagement today. Join us to hear solutions to current challenges including:

  • How to value and nurture your greatest assets: Your front-line employees
  • Adjusting your customer engagement approach in the current times
  • Guidelines for fostering trust and loyalty
  • Pivoting and adapting to dramatically shifting customer needs

Here is the full agenda and key take-aways too. Mark your calendars and register today for one or all:

Monday August 17th, 11am EDT
Customer Story: Maximize Human Capital to Increase Loyalty and Profitability

Neil Crane
Vice President of Product & Technology
Cicero, Inc.

Todd Sherin
Chief Revenue Officer
Cicero Inc.

Jeff Nordvold
General Manager
CH Robinson

Your greatest assets are the skills and experience of your employees. Value and nurture this asset to improve employee productivity, support customer loyalty and increase profitability. Learn how a Fortune 500 Logistics Company nurtured their front line employees by leveraging analytics.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Metrics for valuing human capital
  • Strategies for enhancing and personalizing the employee experience
  • Best practices for managing integration of new technologies like automation and AI alongside valued employees
Tuesday, August 18th, 11am EDT
The Great Debate: To Scale or Optimize – Adjusting Your Customer Engagement Approach in the Current Times

Paul Selby
Director, Product Marketing – Customer Workflows

As customer service organizations scramble to adjust their operations to the new reality of closed offices and storefronts, most feel they face only two options: change staffing levels or change processes. We propose that you can adopt a strategy that proactively addresses both options in order to deliver the level of attention your customers demand. 

Key Take-Aways:

  • Examples of how large companies and organizations such as Basware, Proximus, State of Tennessee, and more are better connecting engagement to operations
  • Best practices to automate solutions to requests through self-service
  • Ways to empower agents to do to more, more effectively
Wednesday, August 19th, 11am EDT
Leading with Empathy to Drive Brand Trust & Customer Loyalty

Tommy Minta
Digital Solutions Lead, North America

Marty Jackson
Strategic Vision Lead

If there was ever a time when empathy was needed – locally and globally, individually and collectively, personally and in business – we are decidedly living in that time now.  The experience that your brand provides to customers has moved beyond being a competitive differentiator to becoming part of the lifeblood of your operation.
Key Take-Aways:

  • The concept of providing experience as a service: true personalization at scale
  • Best practices for enabling you to interact with empathy
  • Guide to fostering customer trust and loyalty
Thursday, August 20th, 11am EDT
Navigating CX in the New Normal: Simple Strategies to Support Your Customers

Christine Rimer
Vice President, Customer Experience & Advocacy

Dan Henig
Vice President, Customer Operations

Shonnah Hughes
Global Product Growth & Innovation Evangelist

Customer needs have shifted dramatically this year, and CX leaders have their work cut out for them as organizations must pivot and adapt to the new normal. In our session, we’ll explore this new reality for CX and reveal simple steps you can take to make a big impact with less effort—from leaning into customer empathy to taking meaningful action in service of your customers.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Emerging CX trends in the new normal and what that means for your business
  • Key strategies to stabilize and grow your organization through CX in these uncertain times
  • Best practices on how to turn customer feedback into a long-lasting plan with high business impact

The digital acceleration driven by COVID-19 is ushering in new ways of doing business, new  ways of working, and new ways of communicating with your customers.  Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new ideas, grow, and embrace the future of your business.  Now is the time to lead your organization and to innovate the customer experience!