Presented by:
Brian Wolfe
Vice President, Global Customer Experience
JBL, a division of HARMAN International

JBL’s Consumer Division has been moving to more online sales over the last several years and this leads to additional digital engagements with customers. Historically we had asked customers about their experience via NPS survey for those contacting support. More recently, we began asking customers about their online experience via Post Purchase NPS. This provides an expanded audience giving feedback on their end to end customer journey. This session will describe how we implemented our NPS approach and how we have engaged cross functional teams to gain their buy in and alignment on how we all contribute to enabling great customer experiences.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A framework for implementing transactional Net Promoter Score methodology to better understand customer feedback and ways to improve
  • Lessons learned from global roll out (9 regions) of Service and Post Purchase NPS
  • Recommendations on how to monitor NPS and customer feedback