Carolyn Muise will be presenting the opening keynote, Driving the Organization’s Strategy via Actionable Voice of the Customer at Customer Contact West: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange in Huntington Beach, California this October. Here, she provides a framework for some of the insights she will share.

Big data is a big deal and you need to take notice if you expect to win the hearts and wallets of your customers in the coming years and create customers for life! You need to have a business strategy that leverages Voice of Customer insight to develop solutions and services that create customer intimacy and deliver a more consistent, personalized experience.

The future of business

Whether you are a business that has been around hundreds of years or just in the last decade, there is a transformation going on where more and more companies are transforming their business models through the use of technology and Big Data. We call this transformation and the end result, the digital business. More and more of what customers touch and experience is not the brick and mortar aspect of traditional business, but the technology, the apps, the interfaces. This could be the thermostat that knows when you’re away, a car that can drive itself, and contact lens that control blood sugar, a fitness band that measures activity level or drones that deliver our groceries.

“What does customer intimacy look like in the future of digital business?” To those of us not born in the era of social media, “digital business” as a term sounds impersonal and robotic, however, on the contrary, it is a HUGE opportunity to create intimacy in a way that is consistent, repeatable, and completely personalized.


To unlock customer intimacy, you need a 3-pronged strategy and vision:

1) Technology – enabling technology

2) Business Processes and Enterprise Governance – formal, embedded processes are enabling us to provide value to customers and other parts of the organization. These processes have allowed us to achieve scale to support the shift to “data democratization” and enterprise-wide transparency. Governance provides transparency and accelerates time to data value.

3) Employee Engagement – Defines how our employees interact and serve our customers. It’s about how to get your internal teams to buy-in to the strategy, trust, and utilize the data to accelerate time to value It’s also about understanding the expectations of your customers – to design your products and service around their lifestyles, which continue to evolve.

In summary, our strategy to deliver optimal customer experience and develop customers for life is based on the following key focus areas:

  • Deliver high impact programs for customers that drive deeper, more profitable engagement
  • Give customers a powerful voice by being the hub for customer data and intelligence across company
  • Fix systemic issues to make it easier to do business with Dell
  • Foster a culture that thinks and, more importantly, acts customer first
  • Be the leader in business imperatives that matter to customers and team members

Carolyn Muise leads the Chief Customer Office, Analytics and Intelligence platform at Dell EMC. In this role, she leads Dell in leveraging big data and customer sentiment, proactively driving continuous improvements in technology, process, and information management and employee engagement that enable them to drive optimal customer experience. 

Previously, she led EMC’s Total Customer Experience Program with revenues of $24.5 billion and 60,000 people worldwide. In this role, Carolyn had operational responsibility for engagement with EMC’s customers, partners, and employees to drive quality, innovation and continuous improvement into its products, services and business operations. Under her leadership, EMC’s Total Customer Experience program has been recognized by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for its Innovation in Customer Commitment, Temkin Group for Customer Experience Excellence and Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) for Customer Experience Impact. Find her on Twitter @camuise4