Analytics provides the essential tuning needed to optimize the organizational engine. Big Data (and insights and predictions gained from the same) is becoming more and more a differentiating factor for several progressive companies. This session explored how Big Data capabilities are being used to integrate multi-variant sales and marketing data to provide unprecedented business value for large organizations.


  • Insight on big data and analytics capabilities for organizational optimization
  • A framework that can be used to set up a holistic big data strategy
  • Guide to the challenges and resources required to make this a reality
  • Big data is one of those technologies which can and will solve world hunger, eradicate disease and help fight terrorism. Big data is the new oil because it is the means to store all incoming information. It assists and informs sales and marketing
  • Big data can be used in customer care as knowledge management data to show the customer representative what is relevant for the customer in product, product line and directionally who “they” are


  • Store all the data you want and then figure outlater how and if you want to use it
  • Big data isn’t cheap, it’s complex
  • If done right it’s awesome, if done wrong it’s a nightmare
  • Intel is using it and upselling millions of dollars because of it
  • Predicative analytics are the next step to seeing the entire customer journey using big data
  • Use predictive analytics to figure out what customers are buying so you can have salespeople talk to you before you start to buy
  • It will show us what you should also be buying from us
  • Big data is like a routing center – it needs cleansing and clearing of information
  • Find out what you want to solve, solve it and push the data back out
  • Technologists drive the work with big data
  • Have all the data, process and normalize it, contrary to BI in general
  • Put information into multi-dimensional database to put into schema in real time


  • Don’t dump and forget data
  • Have some North Star cases or some big use cases
  • Be prepared for a mix, have strong business engagement and hire data scientists who understand the outcome desired and insights wanted
  • We (Intel) use it in marketing to provide better customer experience; we store all data and use caution; we want to see what you shopped for on competitor sites
  • Do not start with real time cases
  • Intel has spun a completely different portfolio for Big Data
  • It is separated out but aligned with sales in marketing in an analytics portfolio
  • Hiring the right technologists up front is key
  • Predictive analytics are customer built and tailored into our own systems


Intel strongly believes in big data. Data is the new oil, if you are running a call center, you store each and every interaction — that’s tons and tons of data. If you want certain things that are important about it such as average call times, average wait time – store that, it is small data. If you want to store everything but are not sure what you will use it for later–that is what Big Data is for. You can figure things out — such as patterns of call wait times in Canada versus Amsterdam using Big Data.