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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know to prepare for the event?

Please watch the orientation video and your question, including some others you may have, will be answered.

Where is the orientation video?
Visit the agenda page and click on the 12:45pm session titled “Virtual Platform Orientation and Demonstration”, on February 2nd. The video is scheduled to be played prior to the Welcome & Headliner.
Can I access the event on another device other than my computer?

We don’t recommend it. This event has been specifically designed to enjoy on a laptop/desktop computer via the google chrome browser.

What are Briefing Sessions?

15-minute pre-scheduled meetings with solution providers of your choosing.
These will happen on Wednesday, February 3rd & Thursday, February 4th at 12:00pm.

Why don't I have any 1:1 briefing sessions in my "My 1:1 Briefing Sessions" section?

If you don’t have any briefing sessions & are still interested in meeting with one, or more of the solution providers, simply reach out to Lacey Rose at
NOTE: If you have Briefing Sessions, they will not appear in your “My 1:1 Briefing Sessions” section until February 2nd.

Can I access and view recordings of any sessions post event?

Please email Dyan Lyon at regarding this inquiry.

Where can I find technical help?

Click on “Help” on the left side of the page.

How do I earn points for the Customer Contact VIRTUAL Raffle?
Action Points Earned
Accept & attend 1:1 Briefing Session(s) 100
Request a demo with 3 or more solution providers 100
Visit the Industry Insights section 50
Post to social media or the Activity Feed 50
Enter the Grand Prize Giveaway 50
Participate in a Solutions Wheel 50
Fill out the General Event Eval 35
Attend the Olympics 35
Attend the Participant Meet ‘n’ Greet 35
Attend the Scavenger Hunt 35
Attend the Dance Break 20
Attend the Yoga Break 20
Attend the Origami Break 20
Point Range Raffle Tickets Awarded
1 to 100 1
101 to 200 3
201 to 300 5
301 to 400 7
401 to 500 9
501 to 600 12