IA Solutions

IA Solutions is a family-owned contact center with a rich 50-year history of innovation in the after-hours support and BPO sectors. Our mission is to enable our partners to achieve unprecedented levels of customer service and sales with our unrivaled omni-channel capabilities, which provide value through increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experiences.


Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that seamlessly assimilate conversational AI and human understanding to enable businesses to engage with their customers in highly productive and satisfying conversations. With flexible products and solutions designed to meet the growing demand for unified, optichannel customer care, Interactions is delivering unprecedented improvements in the customer experience and significant cost savings for some of the largest brands in the world.


Konecta, an industry-leading BPO and CRM company, has a strong global presence in 26 countries, employing over 130,000 professionals across 186 sites. With a revenue of $2.4B in 2022, Konecta stands out in delivering exceptional customer experience through our internal robotics, automation, and analytics capabilities. Our distinctive feature lies in our profound commitment to our most valuable asset – our people – evident in our meticulous attention to detail and agile decision-making approach.


Replicant’s AI platform offers 24/7 customer support through natural conversations across various digital channels, scaling up or down instantly and handling millions of interactions monthly. It enhances existing technology and provides companies with higher customer satisfaction, lower operational costs, elastic contact center capacity, and deeper insights. Replicant uses pre-built conversational components for end-to-end resolution and offers actionable data and context to agents.

Customer Engagement Leadership Council

The Customer Engagement Leadership Council is the world’s foremost member driven, global network for senior-level executives in contact centers, customer care, experience, and marketing, the council enables business leaders to deepen customer engagement by focusing on the intersection of critical business and technology issues that will drive growth for themselves and their organizations.

Growth Innovation Leadership Council

The Growth Innovation Leadership Council, a Frost & Sullivan Professional Development Community, is the world’s foremost member-driven, global business leadership network for senior level executives of the most innovative industries and business functions. The Council enables business leaders to impact transformational growth strategies by focusing on innovation opportunities driven by disruptive technologies, mega trends, emerging markets, and new business models.