october, 2019

28oct10:20 AMGaining Top Down Support for the Digital Future of Customer CareThe Strategic Boardroom is reserved for senior level, seasoned executives and seating is limited to encourage maximum participant interaction.10:20 AM Rockstar Insights: Gary Magenta, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Root Zone:1. Strategic Boardroom

Event Details

This dynamic workshop allows everyone in the room to start thinking and talking about what companies need to do to survive and thrive in the future. Using guided dialogue and visualization, and imagining themselves as customer experience radicals, the audience works in small groups to take a hard look at their current state and the future they could create through that lens.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight on changing consumer expectations, technology, and competitive trends and what they mean for the future of business
  • Opportunities to radicalize customer experiences in your own industry and the potential barriers to change
  • Guide to the changing customer experience trends could have on your customers and your industry
  • Potential outcomes of leading the way or reacting to changes made by your competitors


(Monday) 10:20 AM

Rockstar Insights

Gary Magenta, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, RootGary Magenta is passionate about helping leaders and organizations change their business, transform how they engage their people, and deliver exceptional results.