february, 2021

02feb3:25 PMZone 1. Empathy in Action! Using Technology to Deliver Empathy, at Scale3:25 PM EST Fab Facilitator: Charles Godfrey, Senior Director, Business Consulting, Genesys Rockstar Insights: Karl-Anders Falk, Product Management, Helix Customer Experience, BMC Software

Event Details

Imagine a world where big data, AI, digital channels, and humans work together to deliver empathetic experiences, at scale. In this session, we’ll explore key points in the customer and employee journeys, evaluate current levels of empathy, and discuss how to leverage technology to deliver personalized, empathetic experiences that establish trust and increase customer and employee loyalty.

Call to Action:

  • Identify the four pillars to delivering personalized, empathetic experiences
  • Map your path to create a system of orchestration – considering the employee perspective and the customer perspective


(Tuesday) 3:25 PM EST

Rockstar Insights

Karl-Anders Falk, Karl-Anders Falk, Product Management, Helix Customer Experience, BMC Software

Why You Should Listen to Karl-Anders Falk:
I have over the last 3 years worked tightly with several of BMC Softwares customers to help transform their Customers experience to allow faster direct access. This by avoid having to wait in phone queues or wait on agents getting back with answers. We at BMC Software offer that via the BMC Helix Chatbot tightly integrated with our enterprise class backend systems based on our Helix Platform for automation security, request fulfillment, support, costcontrol and many more.
The BMC Helix Chatbot is based on IBM Watson Assistant , IBM Watson Discovery and other Watson services. The main driver is to allow deflection of request going to the agents. That means helping customers to exploit the BMC Helix chatbot, by allowing them quickly raise a request and automate the fullfillment on the device/tool they like to use 24×7 without delay.
I will share practical experiences from what some of my customers do and plan to do – hoping to inspire others to take the same route.

As an ice-breaker/warmup: I will tell you about what happened when me and my wife went to Stockholm to watch the King and Queen and their family in a parade on the 6th of June (the National Contitution day of Sweden, like 4th of July in US)

Looking forward to meet and exchange experiences with you all.

Fab Facilitator

Charles Godfrey, Senior Director, Business Consulting, Genesys

Why You Should Listen to Charles:
Charlie has spent over 20 years in the customer experience field, helping businesses translate challenges and strategic imperatives into solutions through people, process, and technology. He is considered a trusted advisor to many Fortune 500 companies, and he has been a valued partner and contributor to countless CX transformations. The advancement in power and accessibility of AI technology has become a massive enhancement to the toolkit he is able to bring to transformation strategy and discussions.