FILTER BY ZONE: Stick with one zone or bounce around to others, its your choice! All zones are PPT free & participant-driven discussions. 3. Agents, Automation, and AI


18may10:20 AMCase History Zone 3: Employee Experience: Leveraging Data to Drive Down Employee Effort10:20 AM Fab Facilitator: Neil Crane, Vice President, IT and Product, Cicero

18may1:45 PMRoundtable Zone 3: Measuring the Agent Experience to Propel Contact Center Efficiencies1:45 PM Fab Facilitator: Michael Kropidlowski, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Aspect

19may11:40 AMRoundtable Zone 3: Deflect Traffic, Reduce Costs and Improve CX with AI: Real World Use Cases11:40 AM Fab Facilitator: Fred Stacey, General Manager, Cloud Call Center Search, a Division of Outsource Consultants

19may1:50 PMThinkTank Zone 3: Deepening the Link Between Quality and Employee Engagement1:50 PM Fab Facilitator: Siobhan Miller, Vice President, Portfolio Market Strategy, Verint Customer Engagement Solutions

19may3:50 PMBest Practices Zone 3: Continuous Learning, Continuous Practice, Continuous Improvement!3:50 PM Fab Facilitator: Bryan Naas, Director of Sales Enablement, Lessonly
Amanda Burleson, Training & Development Specialist, WebMD