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18may10:20 AMCase History Zone 2: The Critical Role of the Contact Center in the Experience Economy10:20 AM Fab Facilitator: Tommy Minta, Digital Solution Lead, North America, Genesys

18may1:45 PMRoundtable Zone 2: Beyond the Contact Center: Championing an Organization-Wide Effortless Experience1:45 PM Fab Facilitator: Devinder Singh, Vice President, Global Business Solutions, Teleperformance

19may11:40 AMRoundtable Zone 2: Measuring the Cross Channel Customer Experience11:40 AM

19may1:50 PMThinkTank Zone 2: Designing the (Conversational) AI Experience with the Human Perspective1:50 PM Fab Facilitator: Mark Landry, Human Experience Activist, SmartAction
Patty Kleinfeldt, Director of Q&E, AAA National

19may3:50 PMBest Practice Zone 2: Driving Real Customer Value Using Analytics3:50 PM