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Senior Vice President, Global Customer Services, Palo Alto Networks

Patty Hatter

Session: Keeping Pace with Digital Acceleration

Patty will share her expertise and insight in the keynote session Keeping Pace with Digital Acceleration. She will share how her team has pivoted to meet the evolving needs of customers through digital technology, taking into consideration the cost/benefits of these investments to balance legacy systems while embracing the future. Patty has a long history of working to meet the technology needs through her executive positions at McAfee, Cisco and AT&T and Board positions at various tech Startups.

Chief Customer Experience Officer, M&T Bank

Aarthi Murali

Session: Winning Hearts, Winning Minds: Harnessing the Power of the Full Organization to Reimagine the Customer Experience for Today and Tomorrow

Aarthi inspires people to imagine fresh possibilities for their customers. As M&T Bank’s first Chief Customer Experience Officer, she builds teams to make those possibilities a reality so they in turn, can create the best experience for the community banks’ customers. The results will empower employees, delight customers and benefit the communities where M&T lives and works. She works across the C-suite to help leaders lead customer experience efforts with purpose and pace.

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Operations, Altisource

Kandy White

Session: The Searchers: Leveraging Disruption to Create Value in a Pandemic world

Layering experiences across a 20 year career in technology and operations, Kandy has been in love with the psychology of work and organizations for most of her adult life. When human beings come to work every day, they need a sense of purpose. Kandy’s passion is helping her clients — Enterprise B2B, B2SMB, and B2C — discover their purpose and deliver an experience that makes a customer’s heart beat faster. Her multi-disciplined, multi-industry perspective has earned her opportunities to work with and within several prominent global industry leaders and has earned her the privilege of sharing her approach to operations and customer excellence in a variety of forums around the world.

Rockstar Insights

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Power Networking Academy, Bestselling Author ‘The Attention Switch’

Itzik Amiel

Session: Achieving Transparency and Trust

Called many times one of the most “connected” individuals globally, Itzik is the global leading authority on business networking and relationship capital. He has transformed the lives and careers of clients and professionals worldwide, bringing more than 25+ years of research and experience to the art and science of business relationship development.

Vice President, AARP Experience Change Capability & Metrics, AARP

Yuko Araki Prichard

Session: Balancing Efficiency with the Cost of Customer Experience

Yuko leads the Customer Experience metrics team at AARP to define and measure success in a balanced way with both the customer experience and business outcome in mind. Over the past decade she has leveraged consumer research, data analytics and technology to equip business leaders with actionable insights to deliver winning customer experiences.

Senior Vice President Customer Success and Support, SailPoint Technologies

Meredith Blanchar

Session: Business as Usual? NOT! Shifting Investments in Technology and People

Meredith is an innovative leader with over 20 years in the Customer Success and Support industry.  A relentless advocate for the customer, she has an extensive background in leveraging technology to drive customer loyalty, boost brand reputation, and scale critical teams and resources.

Chief Experience Officer, Officium Labs

Nate Brown

Session: Redefining Agent Job Descriptions in New Times

Customer Engagement Leadership Council Member

Nate Brown is a perpetual student of the world’s greatest experiences and the people who create them. Currently serving as Chief Experience Officer for Officium labs, he can be found speaking and training on the CX topics he loves.

Business Information Manager, A2Dominion Housing Group

Carlton Dacres

Session: It’s a Crowdsource! – Making Sense of Data…Without the Fancy Software

An operational services lead expert for the development, oversight, promotion and analysis of customer insight information, Carlton is passionate about its use for strategic and operational planning, and performance management purposes.

Founder, Regenerate

Andrew Deutscher

Session: Challenge Yourself. Yes, You Can!

For over a decade, Andrew has worked with a variety of high-performance disciplines from professional athletes to the US Air Force, translating cutting edge strategies for sustained energy and performance to applicable life strategies for high pressure career professionals. In a world of rising demands and increased obligations, he’s helped thousands of managers, leaders, and executives shift from reactive to proactive to recapture their days and win back their lives.

Vice President, Member Services, Cricut

Rachelle Dever

Session: EXECUTIVE BRAINSTORM – Redefining Agent Descriptions for Modern Times

Bio is forthcoming.

Product Management, Helix Customer Experience, BMC Software

Karl-Anders Falk

Session: Empathy in Action! Using Technology to Deliver Empathy, at Scale

I have over the last 3 years worked tightly with several of BMC Softwares customers to help transform their Customers experience to allow faster direct access. This by avoid having to wait in phone queues or wait on agents getting back with answers. We at BMC Software offer that via the BMC Helix Chatbot tightly integrated with our enterprise class backend systems based on our Helix Platform for automation security, request fulfillment, support, costcontrol and many more.

The BMC Helix Chatbot is based on IBM Watson Assistant , IBM Watson Discovery and other Watson services. The main driver is to allow deflection of request going to the agents. That means helping customers to exploit the BMC Helix chatbot, by allowing them quickly raise a request and automate the fullfillment on the device/tool they like to use 24×7 without delay.

I will share practical experiences from what some of my customers do and plan to do – hoping to inspire others to take the same route.

As an ice-breaker/warmup: I will tell you about what happened when me and my wife went to Stockholm to watch the King and Queen and their family in a parade on the 6th of June (the National Contitution day of Sweden, like 4th of July in US)

Looking forward to meet and exchange experiences with you all.

Senior Manager, Global Events & Membership Councils, Frost & Sullivan

Brooke Filson

Session: Welcome: Ready…Set…Go!

Brooke executes the strategic program content across Frost & Sullivan’s Executive MindXchange programs, digital products and Leadership Councils. She is passionate about collaborating with cross-industry, cross-functional industry thought leaders to showcase best practices, benchmarks and success stories for executive learning and implementation.

Head of Global Customer Operations, Pinterest

Gerald Hastie

Session: How Pinterest Approaches Customer Segmentation and Tiered Service

Gerald leads a team focused on providing support for Pinterest sales teams, advertisers, and merchants. Both the support and community teams work closely with the Product and Engineering teams to identify issues and implement customer insights into the next version of Pinterest’s platform.

Director of Strategic Planning, Exelon

Willa Hightower

Session: It’s a Crowdsource! – For Strategic Thinkers and Seasoned Executives Only

Customer Engagement Leadership Council Member

Bio is forthcoming.

Head of Worldwide Medical Customer Engagement, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Christopher Keenan

Session: EXECUTIVE BRAINSTORM – Redefining Agent Descriptions for Modern Times

Customer Engagement Leadership Council Member

Bio is forthcoming.

Vice President, Field Operations, SailPoint Technologies

Everett Kimball

Session: Business as Usual? NOT! Shifting Investments in Technology and People

Everett is a 20 year veteran of the Global Services and Operations industry across various leadership positions.  He believes that the support and services experience is a vital factor in why customers continue to buy a product or service, and that technology is an absolutely critical component in how to automate, simplify, and deliver service at scale.

Assistant Vice President, Customer Operations, Cox Automotive Media Group

Erin McMillan

Session: Prioritizing the Safety and Well Being of Your Employees: “It’s OK to Not Be OK…Really, it’s OK!”

Bio is forthcoming.

Chief Customer Experience Officer, M&T Bank

Aarthi Murali

Session: Winning Hearts, Winning Minds: Harnessing the Power of the Full Organization to Reimagine the Customer Experience for Today and Tomorrow

Aarthi inspires people to imagine fresh possibilities for their customers. As M&T Bank’s first Chief Customer Experience Officer, she builds teams to make those possibilities a reality so they in turn, can create the best experience for the community banks’ customers. The results will empower employees, delight customers and benefit the communities where M&T lives and works. She works across the C-suite to help leaders lead customer experience efforts with purpose and pace.

Author & Keynote Speaker

Mike Robbins

Session: We’re All in This Together

Mike Robbins is an expert in leadership and team performance, a former professional baseball player, and the best-selling author of five books, including his latest, We’re All in This Together.  His clients include Google, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Gap, the Oakland A’s, and many others.

Vice President, Frost & Sullivan

Shawanda (Shay) Roberts

Session: Welcome: Ready…Set…Go!

Bio is forthcoming.

Assistant Vice President, Automotive Services, AAA – The Auto Group

Joe Russo

Session: Designing the (Conversational) AI Experience with the Human Perspective

Joe brings over 20 years of contact center experience to the Auto Club Group’s automotive services emergency roadside service contact center operation. He began his contact center career in a technical support center growing through various roles in the operation from front line consultant through senior leadership in technical and non-technical environments, both in BPO (business process outsourcing) as well as in direct capacity, driving customer positive experience through process improvement and technology engagement.

Comedian, Enigma, Possibilitarian

Sky Sands

Session: Picasso and a Dollar: A Lesson in Origami

Encompassing magic, madness, mayhem…and fun, Sky has been described as a man without a parachute, frantically searching for a ripcord. Need we say more?

WW OEM Industry Intelligence & Strategy, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Paul Santilli

Session: EXECUTIVE BRAINSTORM – Redefining Agent Descriptions for Modern Times

Bio is forthcoming.

Head of Global Community Operations, Snapchat Inc.

Ahmad Shabazz

Session: Augmented is the New Reality in CX and CS

Bio is forthcoming.

Head of Digital Experience, Atom Bank

Michael Sherwood

Session: Atom: Building the Most Customer Centric Bank on the Planet

Michael is a multi-award winning expert in all things customer intelligence and has over 20 years’ experience designing, implementing and improving digital propositions. He is currently Head of Digital Experience at Atom, the UK’s first App only bank and has helped grow the business from fledgling start up to multi billion pound company. Michael will share the journey he and the team have been on as they endeavor to build the most customer centric bank on the planet.

Vice President, Omnichannel Service Experience, UnitedHealth Group

Vinod Varma

Session: Rebooting Your CX Initiatives: Advancing from Insights, to Organizational Strategy

Vinod is responsible for using product & technology capabilities to enable a simple service experience for the millions of members and providers. Over the last two years he has been able to drive significant transformation by upgrading technology infrastructure across UHC, simplifying experience design for customer interactions across the IVR.

Fab Facilitators

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Fonolo

Shai Berger

Session: Multichannel Proactive Care

Shai Berger is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fonolo, a leading provider of cloud-based call-back solutions. Shai’s experience in the customer service and contact center industries have positioned him as a thought leader and innovator in the space. He speaks regularly at events like IT Expo, OpenTalk, Call Center Summit, and TADSummit. His writing has appeared in CustomerThink, CIO Magazine, and other industry publications.

Practice Leader, Artificial Intelligence, IBM Watson

Zach Eslami

Session: Personalizing the Customer Experience by Leveraging Data Insights

Bio is forthcoming.

Senior Director, Business Consulting, Genesys

Charles Godfrey

Session: Empathy in Action! Using Technology to Deliver Empathy, at Scale

Charlie has spent over 20 years in the customer experience field, helping businesses translate challenges and strategic imperatives into solutions through people, process, and technology. He is considered a trusted advisor to many Fortune 500 companies, and he has been a valued partner and contributor to countless CX transformations. The advancement in power and accessibility of AI technology has become a massive enhancement to the toolkit he is able to bring to transformation strategy and discussions.

Chief Innovation Officer, Interactions

Phil Gray

Session : The Brave New World of Optimal Channels

As Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Phil is responsible for M&A and alliances at Interactions. He has extensive startup experience, specializing in natural language understanding and contact center technologies. Prior to joining Interactions, Phil founded and led Versay, a natural language, speech applications company.

Vice President of Product, SmartAction

Mark Landry

Session: Designing the (Conversational) AI Experience with the Human Perspective

Mark brings over 15 years of screenwriting, conversation design, and software program management experience to SmartActions product leadership. Having designed thousands of conversations, experienced by tens of millions of people across the globe, his focus on empathetic design makes SmartActions customer experiences the industry leader in conversational ergonomics.

Vice President & Head of Global Automation, Jacada

Scott Merritt

Session: 5 Ways to Turn Knowledge Management into Knowledge Automation

As Global Head of Automation for Jacada, Scott leads the go-to-market strategy for their automation portfolio and works as a trusted advisor for companies actively pursuing customer service automation strategies.  Scott is a passionate advocate of “Responsible RPA” having spent the last 15 years embedded in the process optimization and RPA space supporting over 100 intelligent automation assessments and implementations.

Director of Customer Success, Aceyus

Doug Miracle

Session: From Beta to Alpha: Take Your Agents to the Next Level

Doug has been responsible for Contact Center Operations leading the charge to help his employers better understand The Customer Journey through multi-platform data aggregation and analysis for almost 20 years. For the past five years, he has been a part of Aceyus and now leads their Customer Success Organization, helping their customers achieve the greatest success through utilization of the Aceyus Platform and modules.

Vice President of Product Management, ProcedureFlow

Micah Peterson

Session: Mastering Virtual Training & Onboarding

Micah is a knowledge management expert and enthusiast, and has been helping companies transform their knowledge management for more than 15 years. When he’s not sharing his love for knowledge management you can find him playing with his seven kids, solving a Rubik’s Cube, or helping out at his local church.

Global Vice President, CX Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Alpa Shah

Session: It’s a Crowdsource! – Benchmarking Web Self Serve Average Handling Time
Session: It’s a Crowdsource! – Benchmarking CSAT

My professional and volunteer experience includes business and strategy planning, product and vertical market analysis, growth consulting, event planning and execution, sales and marketing, web design, and most importantly, creating and inspiring teams to be best in class. Consulting projects have ranged from strategy development to white papers to end user analyses.

My current focus is to develop content that guides visionary CXOs and IT leaders through the next era of digital transformation with the help of IT experts and vertical industry analysts as well as extensive IT end user surveys. Since at Frost & Sullivan, most of us wear a couple of hats, I also manage the customer experience management analyst team globally. However, the two blend well, especially as customer experience has risen to the top of corporate goals in 2018.

General Manager, Grammarly Business, Grammarly

Dorian Stone

Session : Miscommunication: The Largest Silent Cost to Your Business

Previously, Dorian was VP of Customer Experience Strategy and Marketing at Medallia, where he built out and optimized the research and marketing functions. He was also a co-founder and leader of McKinsey & Company’s Global Customer Experience practice and a Program Director and Volunteer in the Peace Corps. Dorian holds a bachelor’s degree from Pitzer College, a master’s degree in international studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and a master’s in business administration from UPenn’s The Wharton School.

Vice President of AI Technologies, IntelePeer

Brad Taylor

Session: Making Strides Towards Self-Service Success

Brad uses data-driven insights to create digital transformation that leads to real world ROI by leveraging the confluence of Big Data, Cloud, and AI/ML. His technology leadership has guided the delivery of award winning SaaS predictive analytics, data monetization, optimization, and NLP products for mobile IoT, and multi-channel CRM. In past years, Brad has presented at conferences like the International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS), MarketWaves, and the Blockchain Standards Alliance.

Vice President, Solutions and Capabilities, HGS

Apurva Vora

Session: From Disparate Data to Unified, Accurate and Actionable Insight

Apurva Vora has more than 17+ years of experience in managing Analytics, Automation and Digital Solutions across multiple verticals. He has been an early adopter of deploying analytics solutions driving insights to action, resulting into higher customer experience and net promoter score. This realistic approach created an organization wide analytics framework for institutionalizing the voice of the customer, voice of the business and voice of the process.