FILTER BY ZONE: Stick with one zone or bounce around to others, its your choice! All zones are PPT free & participant-driven discussions. 4. Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Contact Center


18may10:20 AMCase History Zone 4: Intelligent Automation: Simplifying Complex Customer Interactions for the Agent10:20 AM Fab Facilitator: Scott Merritt, Vice President, Global Head of Automation, Jacada

18may1:45 PMRoundtable Zone 4: Transforming Service: Building Powerful Knowledge Bases and Communities1:45 PM Fab Facilitator: Tom Brennan, Global Director, Customer Service Transformation, ServiceNow

19may11:40 AMRoundtable Zone 4: Using Customer Journey Analytics to Improve Agent Effectiveness and CX11:40 AM Fab Facilitator: Lauren Kindzierski, Vice President of Consumer Engagement Solutions, HGS

19may1:50 PMThinkTank Zone 4: Finding the Ideal Balance for Your CX - Automation, AI and Agent Support1:50 PM Fab Facilitator: Aleks Bogdanovski, President, North America, Acquire BPO

19may3:50 PMBest Practices Zone 4: Enhancing Agent Productivity and Performance, Real Time3:50 PM Fab Facilitator: Jeff Rosenthal, Director, Service Cloud Product Success, Salesforce