FILTER BY ZONE: Stick with one zone or bounce around to others, its your choice! All zones are PPT free & participant-driven discussions. 1. Strategic Boardroom


18may10:20 AMStrategic Boardroom Zone 1: Becoming a CX Leader: Create the Right People Strategy for Your Business10:20 AM Fab Facilitator: Gary Magenta, Chief Change Architect and Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Root

18may1:45 PMStrategic Boardroom Zone 1: Meeting the Unique Challenges of the Enterprise Contact Center1:45 PM

19may11:40 AMStrategic Boardroom Zone 1: Customer Support: Your Call is Very Important to Us!11:40 AM Fab Facilitator: Julie Weingardt, Vice President, Operations, Turo

19may1:50 PMStrategic Boardroom Zone 1: Gaining Top Down Support for Customer Centricity Across the Enterprise1:50 PM